Project Symmetry: Devblog 2

So its that time of the week again, I’m starting to get used to this. Last week I was hoping to complete work on transformation related tools in the editor and to be able to add new entities to the scene through the editor. But as these things usually go, I wasn’t able to get where I wanted to. I got halfway there though! Small changes can have a significant impact I finished work on all three transformation tools, for now anyway.
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Project Symmetry: Devblog 1

I’ve been making good progress since the last post. My short term goal with the project at the moment is to reach a state where I can make levels and have a playable game. So what I’m aiming for right now is to have a playable build of the game in which a user can start a level, play it all the way to the end and then either move to the next level if there is any or get back to the main menu and exit the game gracefully.
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Things I’m working on: Project Symmetry

Over the years, I have embarked on various programming projects. Quite a few of those were the result of spontaneous thinking, none of them however, saw the light of day. Why? Because I moved to the next wonderful and shiny idea. Over the past couple of years I have managed to reign myself in and have managed to focus on this one project solely, and this post is about that project, Project Symmetry.
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Analysis Paralysis

It has been a while and it seems that this venture is about to suffer the same fate as so many of my other projects have in the past. Over the years I have started several projects with grand ambitions only to see them go nowhere as I find myself jumping from one interesting rabbit hole to another. Why did I do it? Well, the allure of creating someting new, the curiostiy of learning and discovering something has had the better of me on so many occasions.
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Hello World

This is the customary “Hello World” post. I’ll be back soon with more content. Just wanted to start something.

See you soon.